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Name:Jesse Porter | Burn Notice
Location:Miami, Florida, United States of America

Pearce: So whats the deal? Why work with the man who ruined your career?
Jesse: Free yogurt. Lots of free yogurt.
Pearce: Oh, that cute.

Physical Description: Jesse is a tall man, standing at 6'3" with an athletic build. He keeps his head shaven and has a bit of facial hair from time to time. He's African-american but light skinned with brown eyes.

Personality: Jesse is hot headed, and tends to go into things without thinking. He's the guns blazing, literally, type who acts first without thinking of the consequences for his actions. He is a bleeding heart, and has a problem turning a blind eye to people in need, and gets himself into trouble at times. He has good intentions, and a big heart. He is a man with many sides to him. Sides he isn't afraid to show. He's serious when it comes to his job but ready to crack a joke when you least expect. He's charming and charismatic. A bit of a flirt when given the chance. He also is willing to tap into the darker side of things to get the job done. Such as blowing up a man to keep him from hurting others again. When it comes down to it he's a loyal friend who is willing to drop everything if they need help. He does like fancy clothes and flashy cars.

Bio: Jesse loved taking down bad guys and dedicated his life to it. He had a job with counterintelligence as a field agent at first but took to a desk job. It wasn't so much he couldn't handle the job itself he just hated being around things he could not stop. Things like boyfriend smacking a girlfriend around. He got a job with the Department of Defense working for Marv Peterson. He had a lead on a suspect of bombings, assassinations, as well as kidnappings but before he could do anything he was burned. The office was breached by Michael Westen and Jesse's files stolen, which left Jesse to be blamed for the theft.

Jesse not knowing Michael was the one that burned went to him to get help with finding those who burned him. Michael does help him when Jesse is targeted by an old enemy of his. Jesse joins Michael's team which consisted of Michael, Fiona Glennane, and Sam Axe. He also tells Michael when he finds who burned him he plans to kill them. He works in harmony with Michael's team until he finds video footage of the day he was burned. What he finds is Michael on the tape and discovers it was Michael that burned him. He felt hurt and betrayed because he had come to trust them and they had all been lying to him. He leaves and doesn't speak to them. He does come to Michael's aide however when it involves a list of the people that burned Michael, who were also responsible for Jesse being burned. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost since Jesse had to shoot Michael through the chest, killing a gunman, but nearly incapacitating Michael, although he does survive the shot. After this Jesse goes back to not speaking with Michael though rejoins the team. Things remain tense until Madeline Westen, Michael's mother, sits them down and reminds them that men in their chosen careers need to know a thing or two about trust or they'll both end up dead. Jesse admitted himself he doesn't make many friends, something from the job as a CIA agent. This is what made finding out Michael burned him, and that Sam and Fiona helped lie to him to the entire time, all the harder. They had become his family, his friends. He had grown close to even Michael's mother.

They worked with the NOC list trying to clear their names. Jesse even turning to Marv who ended up turned. Marv was then killed. A showdown ensued and at the end of the events, Jesse was wounded in the leg, but was taken to a hospital and made a full recovery. When Michael finally got in with the CIA and had Jesse's name cleared he opted to work in private security though he still helps Michael, Fiona, and Sam and they do return the favor.

[Muse, and the mun are both over 18. Jesse Porter comes from the show Burn Notice. Profile image from burnn-notice on tumblr.]
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